Gaia's Final Warning

So tell me what on earth did you expect?
Half life is dead, the planet all but wrecked.
You see the anger etched into my face,
each line attests to humankind’s disgrace.

I tried so hard to give you what would please;
an atmosphere that you could breathe with ease,
a sky so clear at night that you could see
that splash of milk you call your galaxy
(in which,  I can confide for what it’s worth,
there is no planet can compare with earth).

I gave you fertile land to plough and sow
and wheat and corn and rice for you to grow.
I gave you power to think, to judge, to plan.
In short I gifted you the mind of man.

I gave you all  the world as your domain
- and in return all I’ve received is pain.

So I will tell you now what I have done.
I’ve put my case in anger to the sun.
and it is only fair to tell you soon
you’ll see a shadow pass across the moon.

After much thought, I’ve chosen to enlist
the lowest form of life that can exist  -
a virus without heart or soul or brain -
to help you understand and share my pain.

I gave you all to nurture and to cherish.
now half of what I gave seems doomed to perish.
So, as the damage you have done is dawning
I issue this my bleak and final warning.
If you persist in trashing all about you
I shall ensure that life survives without you.

You are the greatest of my works to date
but if you wreck this world with greed and hate,
I’ll not forgive. No. Let me make this plain,
I’ll sadly write you off and start again.

This planet is a garden you must tend,
not land to be exploited without end.
Stop spending time on planning to destroy;
instead look on this planet and enjoy.
For all your needs the sun and wind and sea
will happily provide your energy.


If leaders of the world can’t meet the need
then bluntly tell them they’re not fit to lead.
Change is at hand. The best of you must give
all of mankind a better way to live.

So read what I have said and pass it on
before the chance to put things right is gone.