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taking authors from first draft to publication and beyond

a one-stop shop for authors

You have a book in you.  Perhaps it’s still just an idea;

perhaps you’ve produced a first draft;
perhaps you’ve spent months or years redrafting it.


Whatever stage you have reached, Panarc Publishing can help.


We have years of experience

in creating, publishing and promoting books.

We ensure that every project we undertake

is performed to the highest professional standards.

And, when your book is ready, we publish it.




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Panarc International Ltd was formed in 1978 as a media consultancy company.  It helped to establish media coverage analysis as a thriving sector of the business services market. 


In the 1990s, we began to research, write and publish factual books on behalf of governmental clients.. 


Panarc Publishing is now an independent publishing house with a growing list of titles, published or in preparation.  

Panarc Publishing Services

the self-publisher's publishing house

Address:    Panarc Publishing, Panarc International Ltd, Littlebrook Estate, Poulner Hill, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 3HR 

Tel: 01425 489 901                                           Email:                                              Twitter: @panarcbooks

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