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The Panarc Publishing list consists of high quality titles in the fiction and non-fiction fields.  Our

aim is to publish books which explore complex subjects in an entertaining and accessible form.

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The book: Strategy and tactics for achieving success in reaching your chosen goals in life.  


Some of the advice is mainstream; some counter-intuitive but all of it is focused on helping readers to achieve their goals. Follow the advice and you will succeed.  Each point made is illustrated with anecdotes, to enliven the text and to entertain the reader.


The author: Paul Georgiou has spent his business career in market research, marketing and media consultancy for UK/foreign governments and major corporations in the UK and abroad.

In 1978, he set up his own company which pioneered media coverage analysis as a professional management information service

The Truth Quartet

an epic journey of one man and his wife through

 time and space,

good and evil,

loss and love to the very heart of humanity.

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Panarc International Ltd was formed in 1978 as a media consultancy company.  It helped to establish media coverage analysis as a thriving sector of the business services market.  In the 1990s Panarc began to research and write factual books on behalf of clients and their publishers. 


Panarc Publishing is now an independent publishing house with a growing list of titles, published or in preparation.  

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