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Panarc International Ltd was formed in 1978 as a media consultancy company. It started life and spent its early years pioneering techniques of media coverage analysis. Then, in the 1990s, it began to research and publish factual books on behalf of its governmental clients.

In 2002, the company took its first tentative steps as an independent publisher, producing a hardback, 28 page illustrated version of The Tortoise and the Hare in verse. The book was published by Impacon Ltd (at that time the UK end of Panarc’s international business).  In 2004, Panarc published the most recent edition of 'Modernity and Tradition', an authoritative text book on the economic and social development of Saudi Arabia from 1932 to 2000.

Today, Panarc Publishing is expanding its operations, producing and marketing books for a growing list of writers.  Whether you are an established author or a novice, we aim to provide the help you need in order to produce a book of which you and we can be proud.

The Managing Director of Panarc International is Paul Georgiou.  See his profile on:


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You will find the main Panarc International website at


Panarc Author Services

the self-publishing author's publishing house

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