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 DECADES OF DIET DECEPTION by George Bekes, presents a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the obesity epidemic and the resulting spread of non-communicable chronic diseases during the second half of the 20th Century and their continued development in the 21st.  It reveals that the cause is the deluded and scientifically baseless “healthy eating” advice - created by and serving the interests of the agriculture and food industries - and promoted for many decades by the WHO, government departments and medical establishments. Their reprehensible role in the genesis of these epidemics is clear for all to see.

The analysis in this book relies on information from fifty six sources drawn from USA and UK government agencies, the World Health Organisation, international research establishments, respected academics and health professionals.

A recent declaration by the United Nations stated that the spread of non-communicable chronic diseases associated with obesity - hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, cancer and senile dementia - is now a greater threat for the population than that of diseases caused by infection.  When the NHS was born in 1948, there were no such epidemics. Now these epidemics pose so great a danger  that they threaten to overwhelm the NHS!

A non-communicable disease is an involuntary self developed disease. If there is an epidemic of such a disease, there must be a common cause.  The epidemic of obesity is a direct result of ignoring a cardinal rule of biochemistry involved in metabolism: "there is no weight gain without insulin"! Insulin enters the bloodstream in response to glucose derived from the consumption of starches and sugars.

The mechanisms are complex - the answer is not.

The objective of this book is identify the cause of the problem and thus to prevent these diseases.  Surely it is time for the people to be given advice that makes them well, not ill. Only ignorance, inertia and vested interests are permitting this disastrous situation to continue with the consequent suffering of ill-advised populations and the appalling waste of health service resources. 

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