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Copy Editing

The copy editor will identify problems in the text. These may regard continuity, factual accuracy, coherence of plot, and consistency of character and location, plus repetition and other stylistic weaknesses.  Attention will be paid to errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation, though thorough proofreading will be carried out at the next stage. The copy editor will also consider issues of legal liability and point out or eliminate any risks.


The text will then be re-submitted to the author, who should revise it in the light of the copy editor's comments



On receipt of the revised text, the proofreader will go through it word by word, line by line, picking up and correcting errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation.  When the proofreader has finished, the text will again be returned to the author, who must go through it once more, accepting or rejecting the proofreader's proposed changes. Once the text has been agreed and finalised, it will be ready for layout and typesetting.


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