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Escape from Obesity

by George Bekes


Escape from Obesity is not yet another diet book.  It is a book about what really makes people obese and how you can take control of your body weight once you know what the food you eat is doing to you - both the good and the bad.


In recent decades, much of the advice from both health authorities and the food industry has been wrong, some of it completely counter-productive.  This book gives you the facts, exposes misconceptions and gives you a way out of the unending cycle of failed diets.


If you take on board the information and follow the guidance in this book, you will have the chance to Escape from Obesity, once and for all.


A word from the author, George Bekes


Format: Print Edition (£6.99 plus postage)      Kindle Edition: (£2.99)   

Print Length: 156 pages

Sold by Amazon Media S.a.r.l.

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9548740-6-3

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