Reviews for The Fourth Beginning

"Paul Georgiou deals with universal issues through the experiences of two individual human beings and thus gives ‘flesh and blood’ to the issues and  extraordinary challenges they have to face.....All this, in a style of writing, full of wit and curiosity...This is a novel that will leave your mind buzzing for weeks."- GB

"I found I was reading a cross between Pilgrim’s Progress, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings, Dante’s Inferno, a few episodes of Doctor Who and the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour and guess what? I loved it."

Robin's Reviews

"This is one for those who like meeting fundamentals head on in their fiction and having fun with it....Like Italo Calvino's fables, this is a novel to enjoy being disconcerted by and one that will simultaneously reinvigorate your imagination and ideas."- PH

"This is a fast-moving story of adventure, which is fun to read. It’s full of interesting information and ideas that really challenge the reader to think."- LA

"With a debut novel like this, Mr Georgiou will be hard put to go one better next time."RR

"Utterly brilliant! This journey is totally absorbing; igniting your imagination and making you question everything. A totally new style of story telling that frees your imagination. Genuinely one of the best books I've read: interesting, exciting and totally absorbing. Brilliant on so many levels. Please write a sequel."  - JC

I can highly recommend this book for all people that enjoy a thought provoking book that keeps you thinking well after the last page is turned. - LP